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Why New Building Materials Products Fail

Product launches are one of the many things the building materials industry struggles with. Customers resist change, so successfully introducing a new product can feel like an uphill battle. But…

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SMART – Zip System New Product Introduction

Many building materials companies fumble the ball when they introduce a new product. They frequently leave out some important information that the customer wants to know. If the customer wants to know…

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Why Most New Building Products Fail

More than half of new products fail. And that includes products from respected consumer companies who are viewed as marketing experts with a lot of experience introducing new products. With…

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Security is the New Green in Building Materials

As Green building becomes more mainstream, the new Green may be Home Security. For building materials companies, the growing interest in security can be a significant opportunity. With constant media reminders of…

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We’re Not Ready for Smart Homes

The capability developing in the world of technology has been dazzling. Soon, everything electronic in our lives will, in theory, be addressable by its own internet (IP) address. Our homes,…

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Aging In Place A Building Materials Opportunity

It’s a fact that people change as they get older. Eventually, their bodies start giving out and they can’t quite get around like they used to in the past. Unfortunately,…

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