How to Sell Green Building Materials Today

Many building materials companies believe that features like “Made in America” or “Green Materials” are nice but that no one will actually pay more for them. They’re wrong. It doesn’t…

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Are Healthy Buildings The New Green?

“Green” building is almost mainstream now, with the vast majority of companies offering products and services designed to make buildings more environmentally friendly. Commercial owners and tenants, along with residential…

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Is Greenbuild Over for Manufacturers?

Trade shows are a big expense for building materials companies, and shows that don’t deliver results will lose the support of exhibitors. Greenbuild, like the AIA show, is one of those shows…

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Time To Get Serious About Green

As the popularity of Green building products and construction grows, it is also getting more sophisticated. Long gone are the days when a simple claim of “Saves Energy” is enough…

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How to Sell Green Products to Architects

One of the major issues facing architects is their clients’ growing desire to go green. Green Building Elements calls traditional building materials “fossil fuels’ ugly cousin” and people are starting to take…

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Green Building Materials Product Strategy

As the interest in green building materials continues to rise in the construction of commercial and residential structures, more companies are getting on board. They are finding out that the…

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