Building Materials

The One Thing Holding Back Building Materials CEOs

Whatever your level of performance, you can always do better. I set a very high standard for myself. Anyone who actually gives a shit should do the same. If you’ve…

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Is Construction Labor Shortage Ending?

The construction industry has officially found its way back on track, after years of a long recovery process following the recession. Construction was an industry that plummeted during the recession, as…

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4 Problems With Building Materials Sales and Marketing

The building materials industry tends to be behind other industries in sales and marketing strategies.  Here are four issues that keep building materials manufacturers behind and some insight into how…

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The Problem with Building Materials From China

Every year I go to the builder’s show and see a surprising number of Chinese companies exhibiting. They are grouped together in rows of ten-foot booths under big banners that…

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How to Write Building Materials Copy

At car dealerships, the sales person pushes to get you to take a test drive. Why? Because it’s the best way for you to see yourself as the owner of…

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Bring The Building Material Sales and Marketing Workshop to Your Team

It has always struck me as odd that there’s not an event, conference or association in the building materials world that will challenge your thinking and give you fresh insights…

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