Successfully Selling Building Materials in Canada

The following is a transcript of a podcast on How to Successfully Sell Building Materials in Canada. As it is almost a twenty-minute read, I thought I’d give you the…

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Why Building Materials Are a Day Late and a Dollar Short

Building materials companies are frequently out of synch with their customers’ needs. These days, what customers really want is product availability and accurate information. If they can’t get the product…

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How to Make 2021 a Great Year For Your  Building Materials

At the start of a normal year, you would probably set a few personal resolutions for yourself. You might declare that you’ll lose the weight you put on over the…

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Are Building Materials Companies Losing Their Sales Skills?

Many building materials companies are letting their sales skills decline. As the demand for building products has begun to exceed many companies’ capacities, they have turned to managing their current…

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Building Materials Customers Are Not All the Same

I recently asked a home builder to tell me the biggest misconception building materials companies have about builders. He told me that “Building materials companies see all builders as being…

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Why Building Materials Companies Look Stupid When They Use Smart Tools?

CRM platforms like Salesforce and marketing automation programs like HubSpot can be amazingly effective sales and marketing tools. It won’t be long until every company will need to master these…

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