How You Sell Is More Important Than What You Sell

A guest article from a speaker at the Whizard Summit. I was so impressed with his presentation that I asked him to share it. By Mark Allen Roberts of OTB…

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How Selling Architects Has Changed

Like many other professionals, architects did most of their work from office buildings or standalone design firms. And like many other professionals, the pandemic changed the way they did their…

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How Cancer Reminds Me of Building Materials Sales

I recently experienced a setback in my battle with cancer. While it gave me a lot to think about, it also reminded me of a very common problem building materials…

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5 Ways Building Manufacturers Can Improve Their Dealer Locator Page

What should any customer expect when they load up the website of a building materials manufacturer? Value. Websites for any industry are about more than having a digital presence –…

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Building Materials Companies Are Losing Their Most Important Customers

Building materials companies are in crisis. Supply chain disruptions are causing issues across the industry. Unfortunately, company leaders have taken a reactive approach to these interruptions instead of dealing with…

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Building Materials Companies Need to Stop Hoping

This article is based on a podcast I recorded with Melanie Towey of Melanie Anne, a business coach and EOS implementor. As a company grows, having a central strategy becomes more and more critical….

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