How to Prepare for a Building Materials Sales Call

Even with all of the new digital technologies, actual meetings with customers like architects, builders, contractors, and others are still an important part of the sales process. It is also…

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People Problem in Building Materials

I recently worked with Carlos Quintero, President of Sales Effectiveness, Inc. on a study of the top challenges facing building material companies today. Carlos is the co-author of our book How…

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What’s Wrong With Your Building Materials Sales Message

If you want to close more sales or if you want your marketing to be more effective, you need four different messages. Many building materials companies can make a convincing…

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Stop Wasting Money on Building Materials Sales Samples

Selling samples are an important to the success of many building materials companies. They can also be very expensive. For some companies, the sample program is the largest item in…

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Changing Relationships in Building Materials

For years, building materials salespeople have been telling me that relationships no longer matter. Most of the time, it’s because they’re using the wrong definition of a relationship. They thought…

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Tired of Waiting to Make a Sale in Building Materials?

Getting a builder, architect, contractor or owner to say yes has historically taken a lot of time, patience and persistence. That is now changing. There has never been a better…

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