CRM Problems in Building Materials

My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTP. One of the things I really like about being an INTP is that I can never lose an argument. Even if the other person…

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Want Me to Buy Your Building Product? Show Me How You Make It.

Most building materials companies start their sales and marketing with things like the color, style, performance level, and price of their product. Then they work backwards to trying to explain…

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Is it Time to Stop Growing Your Building Materials Sales?

Week after week, I tell my readers how to grow their sales. A lot of you read my newsletter or hire me to get expert advice on how to expand…

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How Context Matters in Building Materials Sales and Marketing

I bet this has happened to you before. You walk into your kitchen, and your child or your spouse starts talking to you, only you’re not really sure what they’re…

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How to Train Building Materials Sales People

6 Important Steps in New Employee Training (You’re Probably Skipping Most of Them) Training sets a bedrock for an employee’s performance. But many building material companies treat training as a…

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3 Common Assumption Building Material Companies Make (That I Recently Made Too)

I give companies a lot of advice about getting the best way to get their message across. I’m always going on about driving the point home and hooking the customer…

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