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Are You Playing the Wrong Game in Building Materials?

Sometimes, I feel like my message isn’t getting across. I talk a lot about the ways the industry and building materials customers are changing. But instead of adapting, many companies…

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Your Own Personal Building Materials Recession

Your Own Personal Recession – 2 Changes Building Materials Companies Need to Make Now There are major changes going on in the building materials industry. Manufacturers who aren’t ready will…

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Problems With CRM in Building Materials

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs like Salesforce can be very powerful and effective tools – if they’re used correctly. The problem is that most building materials companies aren’t ready or…

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Value Engineering in Construction

In commercial construction, the term “value engineering” is just a fancy way of saying “cost-cutting.” But no matter what you call it, it might mean you’re losing a sale. Architects,…

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Patience in Building Materials Sales

Calls to action are one of the most effective ways to grow your sales. The most effective calls to action entice your prospective customer by offering some information that is…

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Hardest Sale in Building Materials – Part 2

There was so much interest in and so many comments on my post on the hardest sale in building materials that I decided to continue it with a Part Two….

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