Home Depot and Lowe’s Changing

Home Depot and Lowes are constantly making changes to their business strategies. Since the recession, home improvement projects and new home sales have increased. Building materials manufacturers who sell products…

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A Line Review Success Story

One of my client’s recently shared his big box line review success story with me. He contacted me as soon as he learned about the review. We discussed his situation….

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What’s the Difference Between Lowe’s and Home Depot?

When you’re looking to be successful in the residential building materials market, two big names jump out at you: Lowe’s and Home Depot. And for good reason: they represent the…

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Building Material Manufacturers Left Behind Again

Once again, building material manufacturers are being left behind by big boxes. This time it’s Lowe’s who is testing robots in store while manufacturers continue to shy away from trying…

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5 Tips to Succeed with Big Boxes

My friend, Greg Bonsib, writes a great blog called Channel Instincts. He recently wrote a post on How to Succeed with Big Boxes that I thought would be of value…

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How Lowe’s Can Play Home Depot’s Game- And Win.

I think the time is right for Lowe’s to step out of Home Depot’s shadow.  Lowe’s is poised to overtake the old guard but only if they can distance themselves…

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