A New Approach to Gaining More Architectural Specifications

This is a guest post from Susan Milne of Epiphany Studio, an agency that focuses on helping building materials companies grow their sales to architects and designers. Susan and I…

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How to Defend Architectural Specs

You know the saying, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then it’s a duck? It turns out that may not be true all of the…

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‘Or Equal’ Architectural Specification for Building Materials

A lot of industry time and money has been wasted on interpreting the ‘or equal’ clause. Imagine dealing with several manufacturers trying to prove that their product “meets or exceeds…

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An Introduction to Architectural Sales Calls

Architects can be frustrating to call on. You invest time to get a meeting and perhaps do an educational session. If you are successful you get your product specified. And…

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