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Time to Bring Your Ad Agency In-House: 7 Reasons You Should

The Ad Agency Model Is Crumbling Traditionally, if you needed help with marketing or some new ideas, you’d hire an ad agency. They had the resources, the talent and the…

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Building Materials Ad Agency Account Managers

I grew up around the advertising business.  My father was either the advertising manager of a company, like Cooper Tires or he had his own successful agency. While I had…

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Should Hanley Wood Have a Recount?

As our politicians demand recounts and make claims of cheating, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised when questionable outcomes enter the building materials industry. There is not enough recognition of building…

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Is it Time to Fire Your Agency?

While there are a few good client/agency relationships in building materials, I find the majority of them are not very strong. The result is that the client doesn’t get the…

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Building Material Ad Agency Directory

As a building materials sales and marketing consultant, it’s my job to point companies in the right direction. I will spend time studying your sales and marketing efforts. I will…

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Smaller Building Material Manufacturers Frequently Abused

When I deal with smaller building material manufacturers I find frequently find a creative firm has abused them.  When I say abused, I mean they spent a lot of money…

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