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Hurricanes and Building Materials Companies

One frequent mistake that building materials companies make is looking at the whole country like it was one big market. It simply isn’t. And when you step back and look…

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I’ve written before that a natural disaster is an opportunity for building materials companies that goes well beyond the sales of materials to rebuild. There’s an opportunity to show who…

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Disasters Create Building Product Opportunities

Living in Boulder, Colorado, I recently got to experience a natural disaster first hand, a terrible flood.  I also watched first hand how building material suppliers reacted and saw many…

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How to Sell a Lot of Faucets

This article from the New York Times is going to sell a lot of faucets.  It’s going to inspire people to consider a faucet when they hadn’t been thinking about…

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Stop Preaching to the Home Improvement Choir

Most building product manufacturers, who sell into the home improvement market, are missing a of lot sales.  They focus on those homeowners who are most likely to take on a…

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How Can Vipers Help Home Improvement Sales?

The Wall Street Journal has done it again with an over-the-top housing feature, a million dollar garage.  Most building product manufacturers don’t see what these millionaire housing features have to…

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