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Auditing Big Box Retailers for Building Materials

I visit Home Depot and Lowes stores several times a year to see what changes they’re making. My goal is to find those differences that building materials companies may not…

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Line Reviews at Lowes and Home Depot

This is a transcription of my podcast on how to have a successful line review with big boxes like Lowe’s or Home Depot.  You can choose to listen or read…

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Home Depot and Lowe’s Changing

Home Depot and Lowes are constantly making changes to their business strategies. Since the recession, home improvement projects and new home sales have increased. Building materials manufacturers who sell products…

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Is Lowe’s More Innovative Than Home Depot?

You’d think the competition between big box home improvement retailers would be pretty evenly matched. After all, there aren’t a lot of differences between Lowe’s and Home Depot – right?…

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A Line Review Success Story

One of my client’s recently shared his big box line review success story with me. He contacted me as soon as he learned about the review. We discussed his situation….

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