How I Can Help You Grow Sales Faster

Mark Mitchell’s Proven Three-Step Process Will Grow Your Sales to Builders, Contractors and Architects

The Process

  • Situation Analysis and Benchmarking

    A realistic assessment of the barriers to your growth.

  • Create a New Plan

    Develop a sales and marketing strategy that gets more results

  • Implement and Grow

    Execute the plan to grow your sales faster and at a lower cost per sale.

  • vs

The Alternatives

  • Follow Your Current Strategy

    It worked in the past, right?

  • Invest in New Marketing Tactics

    A new website without a new strategy will not grow your sales

  • Be Your Own Marketing Professional

    Trying to grow sales with your own ideas limits your options


There are few groups as hard to influence as Builders, Contractors, Architects and their distribution channel partners. Most Architects, Builders and Contractors are not interested in changing to your products – even when they know your products are better. Simply making more sales calls or increasing your marketing budget is no longer a cost effective way to grow your sales.

Let's Work Together

The Building Materials Marketplace is rapidly changing in big ways.

The way buildings are being designed and built is changing. The way building materials are specified and sourced is changing. The way information is delivered to your customers is changing. These changes can represent a threat or an opportunity for you. I can help you turn these changes into opportunities.

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Some of the Companies I've Worked With

Hi, I’m Mark Mitchell

I’m a sales growth consultant, author of the industry bible, Building Materials Channel Marketing, and known as the Whizard of building materials sales and marketing.

I have over 30 years experience increasing sales for 100+ building materials companies in commercial and residential, new construction and repair/remodel.

I specialize in guiding companies and their leadership to results they want by getting to the core of their issues.

I’ll show you not only how to catch up to the competition, but how to grow faster than the competition.

If you want to be more effective with your marketing budget and sales resources and tilt the playing field in your favor, I can show you how.

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