Guide to Architectural Office Hierarchies

This is a guest blog post from Neil Sutton who is an architect, a copywriter, and a marketing strategist. The other day, Mark and I were talking about different challenges…

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Key Takeaways From the AIA Show

I attended the AIA show in New York City and I learned a lot about the people attending and the exhibitors. As usual, I wasn’t just looking at the products,…

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Value Engineering in Construction

In commercial construction, the term “value engineering” is just a fancy way of saying “cost-cutting.” But no matter what you call it, it might mean you’re losing a sale. Architects,…

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How Sell to Architects And AIA Show Success

Whether you are looking for some advice on how to sell architects generally or how to be more successful at the AIA show, here are some ways to improve your…

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Forget About Those AIA Show Leads

You probably think that following up on your leads from the AIA Show is the most important next step.  You are wrong. The most important next step is a serious…

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How to Succeed at AIA

The AIA Show takes place this week.  Like other building industry trade shows, the cost to attend and exhibit are a large expense for building materials manufacturers.  The AIA Show…

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