Are Lunch and Learns a Waste of Time in Architectural Sales?

I’m a contrarian. I’ll take the position that is opposed to the status quo and the generally accepted practice, no matter what it is. I’m not doing it to be…

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Should You Stop Calling on Architects?

If you call on architects and you aren’t satisfied with your sales growth, maybe you need to rethink your approach. You probably take the same approach as your competitors: Invest…

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Architects MIA at the AIA

At the AIA Show, I saw lots of architects sitting in classes and standing in line to get on tour buses. What I didn’t see was a lot of architects…

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Guide to Architectural Office Hierarchies

This is a guest blog post from Neil Sutton who is an architect, a copywriter, and a marketing strategist. The other day, Mark and I were talking about different challenges…

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Key Takeaways From the AIA Show

I attended the AIA show in New York City and I learned a lot about the people attending and the exhibitors. As usual, I wasn’t just looking at the products,…

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Value Engineering in Construction

In commercial construction, the term “value engineering” is just a fancy way of saying “cost-cutting.” But no matter what you call it, it might mean you’re losing a sale. Architects,…

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