SMART – Joey Peters From Mohawk

Joey Peters, Director of Pro Channel Marketing at Mohawk has always impressed me with the way he recognizes the contributions of others. I have followed Joey for several years on…

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SMART – Metrie Uses Productivity

Metrie has reinvented the moulding category by showing builders, architects, designers, and homeowners what an important design element moulding can be. Before Metrie began to promote moulding, people thought of…

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SMART Marketing- Turf Design

Turf Design, helps open office occupants and designers improve the acoustics of open offices with their beautiful ceiling systems. The smart thing that they are doing is that they make…

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SMART – Loewen Windows

Loewen Windows is doing something smart. They are making regular posts on social media about their windows and doors and how they are made. This may seem like a small…

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SMART – Denver Airport Remodel

Denver International Airport is in the midst of a major multi-year renovation. As with most renovations of spaces that continue to operate during construction, it will disrupt many travelers. While…

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SMART – Keene Building Products

It’s never too late to get more people to come to your booth at a trade show. Keene is being very smart about this. First, they sent out this email…

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