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Building Materials and NASCAR

Procore sponsors a car in NASCAR while Lowe’s is ending their NASCAR sponsorship. Another sign of the big changes in building materials that are happening today.   A big box with the dollars to afford…

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SMART – Polyiso Association PIMA

Too many building materials manufacturers spend all of their sales and marketing efforts competing with each other trying to grab a bigger slice of a pie that isn’t getting any…

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SMART- LP SmartSide

LP has done something SMART.  They improved their marketing message.  The ad below is how they were promoting SmartSide just a few years ago.  There’s nothing here that would make…

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SMART – Parr Lumber

My assistant and I were reviewing lumber dealer websites as part of our research for a building materials company.  Most of them are poorly designed. A poorly designed website wasn’t…

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SMART – Demilec Disaster Response

Photo – SCOTT OLSON/GETTY IMAGES Just because you don’t have a communications plan for disasters in place doesn’t mean you can’t do something. It’s nice if you can donate money or products…

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SMART – Home Depot

I’ve written before that a natural disaster is an opportunity for building materials companies that goes well beyond the sales of materials to rebuild. There’s an opportunity to show who…

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