Delivery as a Competitive Advantage in Building Materials

You want to stand apart from your competition. When customers talk about you, they should be saying that they prefer your company because there’s something you do better than anyone…

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How to Convert Building Materials Contractors

Contractors are one of the key decision-makers on a building project. Luckily, there are several ways you can convert them to your product. Price The most obvious way to convert…

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Value Engineering in Construction

In commercial construction, the term “value engineering” is just a fancy way of saying “cost-cutting.” But no matter what you call it, it might mean you’re losing a sale. Architects,…

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Why Contractors Resist Change

Building materials companies tend to focus on the customers who are immediately in front of them. It makes sense—if you interact with builders, architects, facilities managers and homeowners, that’s who…

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Why Building Materials Contractors Are So Important

For many building materials companies, contractors are the biggest hurdle to sales growth.  Contractors can also be the hardest customers to reach and are the most resistant to change. Contractors…

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Problems With Contractor Loyalty Programs

Contractor loyalty programs are starting to rear their ugly head again in building materials. They were a bad idea in the past, and they are a bad idea today. On…

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