SMART – Renorun Jobsite Delivery

Now you can get a 2×4 delivered to a job site as easily as a pizza!  Grocery and food delivery firms are exploding with growth.  Why not make it just as easy…

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We are seeing more black swans in our personal lives everyday. We are also seeing more black swans in building materials.  A black swan is something that comes as a surprise and…

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The End of Waste in Construction

While manufacturing and distribution have made big advances in efficiency and waste reduction, the construction industry hasn’t really changed. Despite advances in construction management by big builders and general contractors,…

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Is Lowe’s More Innovative Than Home Depot?

You’d think the competition between big box home improvement retailers would be pretty evenly matched. After all, there aren’t a lot of differences between Lowe’s and Home Depot – right?…

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Too Many Old White Guys in Building Materials

The building materials industry is ten years behind most other industries in marketing. Compared to many other industries, the building materials industry has too many old white guys in leadership…

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Building Material Manufacturers Left Behind Again

Once again, building material manufacturers are being left behind by big boxes. This time it’s Lowe’s who is testing robots in store while manufacturers continue to shy away from trying…

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