Using a Frame of Reference to Grow Your Building Materials Sales

I was recently speaking with the technical director of an air and moisture barrier company. He was telling me how frustrating it is when he can’t get customers to see…

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Implementing Change in Building Materials Sales Departments

Trying to change salespeople is difficult. Sometimes it can seem like your dealing with a group of stubborn mules. You can implement changes in pricing or your compensation system, but…

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How to Get Better Results Your Building Materials Ad Agency

The other day, I received this email from a client. I didn’t ask for it – they just sent it . . . but I’m really glad they did! This…

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How to Play the Fourth Quarter in Building Materials

Have you ever seen a football coach tell the team to just take it easy during the fourth quarter? Of course not. They know that the fourth quarter can make…

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Declining Credibility and Trust in Building Materials

I talk with architects, builders, contractors, distributors and other customers on a weekly basis. I always ask them who their top three suppliers are and what makes them so great….

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Poor Lead Management in Building Materials

Many building materials companies measure the performance of their marketing by the number of inquiries or leads they receive. I often hear comments like: “We got 120 leads from the…

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