SMART – Page Lumber and Boral

I subscribe to the newsletters from many building materials companies and most of them have nothing to say.  Here’s an example of a newsletter that impressed me.   Too many people…

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SMART – Stanley Access Technologies at Greenbuild

With the Greenbuild Show coming up next month, I wanted to share this with you.  Many companies exhibit at Greenbuild and say they are Green, but then they do things…

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SMART – Home Depot Training Program

A shortage of labor is one of the biggest problems the building materials industry faces.  You can’t sell more building products if there aren’t enough trained installers. A few communities and unions are taking…

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Every year companies make investments in their facilities, software for sales and operations, machinery, equipment and many other areas. They also invest in education and training. Engineers, plant managers, HR…

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Building Product Warranty Sales Claims

There are several problems with building materials warranties, but one of the biggest is that they get used as a sales tool. Using the length of your warranty as an…

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How to Choose the Right Building Materials Ad Agency 

Since I published my Directory of Building Materials Ad Agencies, it has become one of the most visited pages on my website.  That tells me there are a lot of building materials…

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