Building Materials Go BOOM!!

If you work in building materials, it’s time to put some BOOM!! back into your work. Since last March, we’ve been whipsawed from “We’re heading into a really bad recession”…

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How Building Materials Companies Can Make Themselves Essential to Dealers and Distributors.

Many building materials companies forget why their dealers and distributors carry them. When they get replaced by a lower-priced competitor, they don’t understand why. It’s entirely preventable. You can protect…

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Time for Building Materials to Go All-In on Virtual Selling

Virtual sales are here to stay. Even when business travel, showing up at the office, trade shows, sales meetings and in-person sales calls return, virtual communication will be part of…

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11 Things That Changed Since I Wrote My Book on Building Materials Channel Marketing

In 2013, I wrote Building Materials Channel Marketing based on 30 years of experience in an industry that has always been very slow to evolve. Well, the industry has changed…

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Most Building Materials Salespeople Can’t Sell Virtually

At a recent Whizard Summit event, I met Mark Allen Roberts of OTB Sales Solutions. He came as an attendee, but I was so impressed with his approach that I…

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4 Smart Ways to Grow Your Building Materials Sales Today.

I’ve been asking architects, builders, contractors, dealers, and distributors what they need and want from building material companies. Based on what they have been telling me, there are four areas…

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