Building Materials Customers Are Not All the Same

I recently asked a home builder to tell me the biggest misconception building materials companies have about builders. He told me that “Building materials companies see all builders as being…

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How to Keep Up With Changing Building Materials Customers

The building materials customer isn’t the same one you have known for years. Things are rapidly changing, and it’s affecting everyone from homebuilders, architects and contractors to dealers, distributors and…

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Bad Habits in Building Materials Sales

Building materials companies work hard to get that first order from a customer. When the customer doesn’t continue using their product, they wonder why. The reason is that most companies…

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The Easy Button in Building Materials

Many building materials companies make it hard for their channel customers to do business with them. Builders, architects, contractors, distributors, and dealers are all understaffed, overworked, rushed and under pressure…

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Say Goodbye to Your Building Material Customers

There is an imminent threat to building materials companies which involves people – the people who are your employees as well as your customers. As more of your employees with the…

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