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It’s Time for Building Materials Companies to Pivot Back to Customers

Since the start of the pandemic, most building materials companies have been focused more on themselves than their customers. At first, the questions were about a possible recession. Is there…

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How to Use Customer Service as a Competitive Advantage in Building Materials

Helping building materials companies be more effective is what I do. To do that well, I spend a lot of time observing exactly how they approach sales and marketing. I…

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Building Materials Customer Service Is Even More Important Now

Many building materials companies are exceeding their sales plans, even with the effects of the Coronavirus. This extra business is coming from both existing and new customers. Growth is a…

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The Need for Speed in Building Materials

I was talking to a distributor about a building material manufacturer. I asked him how they could grow their sales. “It’s simple,” he told me immediately. “They just need to…

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SMART – Trimco Customer Service

I loved the way Ed Koch, who was mayor of New York, used to address, everyone he met.  He’d always ask, “How am I doing?”  He would ask this when…

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The Gift of Customer Service in Building Materials

Better Customer Service is Also the Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself Whenever I meet with builders, architects, dealers, contractors or distributors, I always ask them, “Who are your best three…

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