Stop Losing Sales at the Local Level

The people on the local level your distribution channel are more important than you realize. Too many building materials manufacturers treat local dealers and distributors like they’re glorified warehouses –…

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4 Biggest Challenges Facing Building Materials

I’m not just a teacher at my Whizard Summits, I’m also a student. I show up to each event ready to share my knowledge, but I also learn a lot…

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What We Learned at The Whizard Summit

Even though I organize it, the Whizard Summit is not a one man show. I share a lot of information, but I also learn a lot from my expert speakers…

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Grow Your Building Materials Sales With Systems Thinking

If you’ve been in the business world long enough, you’ve seen a lot of bright ideas come and go. You’ve heard a lot of buzzwords get thrown around for a…

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Your Annual Plan Should be Fresh

11 Steps to Starting Fresh With Your Planning for Next Year Have you ever wondered why Airbnb has the word “bnb” is in its name? When the company first started…

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I Hope It’s Not 2006 All Over Again!

Lately, I’ve been noticing a few trends in the building materials industry that remind me of 2006. And it’s got me worried. If you were working in building materials back…

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