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Vulnerability of Leaders in Building Materials

If you’re a leader in your category of building materials, I’ve got bad news for you. You’re probably in trouble. Your future is at higher risk than you realize. If…

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SMART – Polyiso Association PIMA

Too many building materials manufacturers spend all of their sales and marketing efforts competing with each other trying to grab a bigger slice of a pie that isn’t getting any…

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SMART – Home Depot Training Program

A shortage of labor is one of the biggest problems the building materials industry faces.  You can’t sell more building products if there aren’t enough trained installers. A few communities and unions are taking…

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Are Your Sales People This Bad?

The performance of building materials salespeople continues to decline. It’s getting so bad that your contractor, builder and architect customers are now reaching out to me to share their horror…

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SMART – Home Depot Goes After Pros

I saw this display from The Home Depot at a painters trade show.  This is a very smart move for The Home Depot.  Don’t just tell me you want more…

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Becoming a Trusted Advisor in Building Materials

If you want to become more successful as a building materials salesperson, marketer or company, consider reinventing yourself. When you see or define yourself this way (salesperson, marketing person, company),…

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