Insights for Building Materials Companies

Finding the Right Way in Building Materials Sales and Marketing

Many building materials companies assume there is a right way to grow their business. They pursue that single way as if they’re following a rulebook or obeying some imaginary traffic…

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New Selling Skills in Building Materials

Traditionally, the best salespeople have been the ones viewed as hunters. All you have to do with a hunter is show them a prospect and get out of their way….

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Why Building Materials Companies Are Disconnected From Their Customers

I love this quote from Tim Rethlake, Vice President Sales Enablement, Hearth and Home Technologies. (I also love his title!) “Most sales onboarding programs are the new rep being taught…

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Your Forgotten Salespeople in Building Materials

Whenever I work with a building materials company, I look for any assets they have but aren’t using. These assets don’t show up on a balance sheet, but they are…

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Selling Building Materials Online

A major building materials company is looking for a VP of eCommerce. I assumed they were going to start selling their products online like many other companies. I was wrong….

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4 Smart Ways to Grow Your Building Materials Sales Today.

I’ve been asking architects, builders, contractors, dealers, and distributors what they need and want from building material companies. Based on what they have been telling me, there are four areas…

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