Insights for Building Materials Companies

Why You Should Encourage Mistakes in Building Materials

Mistakes Aren’t What They Used To Be. Before the internet and the advent of digital marketing, mistakes were a big deal. Even small ones came with huge costs. That’s because…

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How to Grow Your Home Improvement Product Sales

The Whizard Summit – New Location – New Content The Whizard Summit is moving to Austin, Texas. Join us on May 1 and 2 to learn how to grow your…

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Choosing the Right Incentive Supplier for Building Materials Companies

I hate seeing companies waste money. Unfortunately, it’s something that happens often in building materials. Two of the common ways building materials companies waste money are: Keeping the same program…

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How Culture Can Grow Your Building Materials Business

Culture is a crucial aspect of any successful business, especially in building materials. It may be difficult to measure, but its effects are very real. A strong company culture will…

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Value Propositions in Building Materials: How to Get It Right

When your customers hear your sales pitch, see your marketing materials, or see your product promoted somewhere, they always have one big question in mind. “Why should I care?” The…

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How to Use Storytelling to Grow Your Building Materials Sales

Every time you communicate with your customers, you’re telling them a story. The problem is, you might not always be telling them a good story. A good story is one…

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