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5 Ways Building Material Sales Messages Fail

Getting your messaging right is critical. The text on your trade show booth, the headline that shows up on the homepage of your webpage, your sales presentation – your messaging…

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SMART – Sherwin Williams Contractor Loyalty

It may seem like a small thing to see a contractor wearing a shirt from a building product company.  I see it as a very important way for companies to…

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SMART – Porcelanosa Designer Event

Porcelanosa recently hosted a designer event in Boulder that showcased their beautiful products. It was well done at a location befitting the quality of their products. What impressed me was that they saw…

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SMART – Zip System New Product Introduction

Many building materials companies fumble the ball when they introduce a new product. They frequently leave out some important information that the customer wants to know. If the customer wants to know…

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The Power of Persuasion in Building Material Sales and Marketing

I’m a learning addict. It’s gotten so bad, my therapist tells me the day I stop learning is the day I will die. Recently, I’ve been learning more about the…

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SMART – Trimco Customer Service

I loved the way Ed Koch, who was mayor of New York, used to address, everyone he met.  He’d always ask, “How am I doing?”  He would ask this when…

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