Insights for Building Materials Companies

Two Types of Building Materials Salespeople

When my two sons were in elementary school, their teachers told my wife and me that they had ADHD and should be on Ritalin. Before taking any action, I decided…

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Leveraging Data To Stop Selling Naked

Thank you so much for joining us for Sales and Marketing Game Changers. This is part two of our month-long event. You can read a transcript here or you can…

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Auditing Big Box Retailers for Building Materials

I visit Home Depot and Lowes stores several times a year to see what changes they’re making. My goal is to find those differences that building materials companies may not…

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Marketing That’s Seen, Felt, and Heard.

I had the pleasure of participating in a 4 part live stream event “Sales and Marketing Game Changers., There were five other presenters who each have a different expertise and…

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It’s Time for Building Materials Companies to Pivot Back to Customers

Since the start of the pandemic, most building materials companies have been focused more on themselves than their customers. At first, the questions were about a possible recession. Is there…

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How to Use Customer Service as a Competitive Advantage in Building Materials

Helping building materials companies be more effective is what I do. To do that well, I spend a lot of time observing exactly how they approach sales and marketing. I…

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