Insights for Building Materials Companies

A New Approach to Gaining More Architectural Specifications

This is a guest post from Susan Milne of Epiphany Studio, an agency that focuses on helping building materials companies grow their sales to architects and designers. Susan and I…

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Why Should I Use Your Building Product?

One of the biggest mistakes building material sales and marketing people make is promoting the wrong benefit to the wrong audience. When companies improve on a product, it’s almost always…

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The Need for Speed in Building Materials

I was talking to a distributor about a building material manufacturer. I asked him how they could grow their sales. “It’s simple,” he told me immediately. “They just need to…

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How to Keep Up With Changing Building Materials Customers

The building materials customer isn’t the same one you have known for years. Things are rapidly changing, and it’s affecting everyone from homebuilders, architects and contractors to dealers, distributors and…

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Most Building Materials Salespeople Can’t Sell Virtually

At a recent Whizard Summit event, I met Mark Allen Roberts of OTB Sales Solutions. He came as an attendee, but I was so impressed with his approach that I…

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A Costly Disconnect in Building Materials Sales and Marketing

When I notice a new marketing campaign from a building materials company I really admire, I always wonder whether the sales team is in line with it.  One of the…

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