Insights for Building Materials Companies

Poor Lead Management in Building Materials

Many building materials companies measure the performance of their marketing by the number of inquiries or leads they receive. I often hear comments like: “We got 120 leads from the…

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There’s No Best in Building Materials Sales. There’s Only Better.

One of the things I have learned in advising building materials companies is that there are no hard and fast rules. A lower price does not mean your sales will…

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The Easy Button in Building Materials

Many building materials companies make it hard for their channel customers to do business with them. Builders, architects, contractors, distributors, and dealers are all understaffed, overworked, rushed and under pressure…

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Why Is Most Building Materials Marketing So Ineffective?

Building materials salespeople are continually learning and improving. Day in and day out, they deal with customers and learn firsthand is working and what isn’t. They learn what types of…

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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Facilities Managers

More and more building material companies are realizing that facilities managers play an important in selecting the products that are used in the buildings they manage. While manufacturers have recognized…

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Wasted Efforts in Building Materials Sales and Marketing

More companies are investing in CRM, marketing automation and other programs to make their sales and marketing more efficient. These are powerful tools, but only if you use them in…

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