Insights for Building Materials Companies

This May Be The Last Whizard Summit

I have a lifelong passion for learning, and with that comes a passion for sharing knowledge. That’s what the Whizard Summit is about – bringing experts together so building materials…

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What is the Cost of Building Materials Sales People?

Most building materials companies keep very close tabs on their costs. They know how much they spend on production, materials, shipping, warranty, marketing – and that’s just the beginning.  There’s…

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The Biggest Challenge Facing Building Materials Companies

When you read the title of this post, something specific came to your mind. Maybe it was labor shortages. Possibly the supply chain. It could’ve been pricing. Those might be…

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8 Reasons Building Materials Companies Need to Pay Attention to Offsite Construction

Is offsite construction just a fad or is it going to become the new normal for the construction industry? Is it an untapped market for manufacturers and suppliers? If your…

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Are Your Building Materials Sales Calls Bringing Value

Landing a sale is a difficult balancing act. You have to sell without coming off as too salesy.  The moment a customer thinks they’re being sold, their opinion is more…

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Biggest Time Wasters for Building Materials Salespeople

Even with the growth of online sales, salespeople are still very important to the building materials industry. In fact, for many types of building products, they are critical and irreplaceable….

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