Insights for Building Materials Companies

Why Building Materials Firefighters Sell More

If you want to sell more building materials products, you have to change the way you think of yourself. You work in sales, so naturally, that’s how you approach customers…

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The Importance of Branding for Building Materials Companies

Today’s article is a guest post by Beth PopNikolov, CEO of the digital marketing agency, Venveo. Beth knows what it takes for companies to stand out and reach the right customers. The…

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How to Recession-Proof Your Building Materials Business

Business leaders get nervous when they see a recession coming. Countless companies have gone out of business because of an economic downturn, and everyone worries about being next on the…

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How Building Materials Companies Make It Hard to Choose Their Product

One of the biggest mistakes building materials sales and marketing people make is not staying focused on their message. They tell the customer why they are a better choice once…

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The Biggest Disappointment from the Whizard Summit

I’ve watched building materials companies improve their marketing for a while now. I was proud of this progress. Finally, the industry I devoted my career to was catching up to…

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How To Reach More Customers With Your Sales Team

How many customers can you reach with your sales team? It’s probably more than you think. See, small and medium companies have small to medium-sized sales teams. Because of that,…

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