Insights for Building Materials Companies

It’s Time for Building Materials Companies to Pivot Back to Customers

Since the start of the pandemic, most building materials companies have been focused more on themselves than their customers. At first, the questions were about a possible recession. Is there…

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How to Use Customer Service as a Competitive Advantage in Building Materials

Helping building materials companies be more effective is what I do. To do that well, I spend a lot of time observing exactly how they approach sales and marketing. I…

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The Biggest Mistakes Building Materials Companies Make on Zoom

When the lockdown put a stop to most travel, the building materials industry quickly adapted by using virtual tools like Zoom. As with all technologies, younger people got the hang…

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The Missing Element in Building Materials Websites

I review a lot of building material company websites as part of my work. I’ve noticed that many of them are missing a critical element. I recently put my finger…

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How to Convert Building Materials Contractors

Contractors are one of the key decision-makers on a building project. Luckily, there are several ways you can convert them to your product. Price The most obvious way to convert…

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Why Your Building Materials Sales Presentation Sucks

Is your sales presentation worse than you realize? If it is, you wouldn’t be alone. I work with building materials companies that want to grow their sales. When they hire…

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