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Stop Reading The News if You Are in Building Materials

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Stop Reading The News if You Are in Building Materials

If there’s one message I keep repeating to my readers, it’s the importance of knowledge.

If you want to succeed in building materials, you need to do your research, never stop learning and stay informed. So, it might come as a shock to you when I say this.

You need to stop paying attention to the news.

Don’t turn your TV to the news station. Stop listening to your favorite news podcasts. Ignore the news apps on your phone.

I’m not encouraging you to stay in the dark. I still recommend you research your customers, talk to people in the industry and keep reading any books you have on your nightstand.

The problem isn’t information – it’s the way the news presents it.

We live in an attention economy and nothing grabs your attention like bad news. That’s why news stories are all doom and gloom. No one gets rich covering good news because good news doesn’t get as many clicks.

It’s also easy to get addicted to bad news. It lights up the part of your brain that detects threats, so it feels important.

It’s not. And it’s not a productive use of your attention.

Yes, there’s some truth to the bad news. Builders are struggling. Homeowners are spending less on home improvement. Office spaces are emptying out and we don’t need any new ones at the moment. Other types of commercial construction have slowed down as well.

That’s only part of the story, however. And there’s no reason to lose hope.

None of these are end-of-the-world issues. They don’t spell the end of the building materials industry. They are simply changes and with every change comes new opportunities.

If you want to grow your business, that’s what you need to focus on. Turn off the news, ignore the doom and gloom and be on the lookout for the new opportunities that will help you become more successful.

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