3 Opportunities to Sell to a Builder

I hear these two complaints all of the time when building materials manufacturers try to sell their products to homebuilders: “They only want a lower price.” “I can’t get them…

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The 3 Building Materials Sales Strategies

In commercial or residential building material sales, whether you are selling an architect, big box, contractor, builder, or other type of customer, there are three basic kinds of sales: 3…

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Premium Building Products Outpace the Rest

In every category from retailers, to restaurants, hotels, liquor, appliances and more, the high and low ends are growing while the middle is sucking wind.  This article in the New…

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New Homebuyers Want Upgrades

One of the most common complaints I hear from building material manufacturers is, “I can’t sell upgrades to builders.”  However, due to an increasing demand from new homebuyers, upgrades are…

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How to Sell a Naked Builder

As the housing market tanked, builders started stripping their homes down to the bare essentials.  They did this in an effort to make their homes more affordable and to not…

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Why Contractors Don’t Sell Upgrades

Contractors are a major source of frustration for building product manufacturers.  They refuse to sell an upgraded product even when it’s, seemingly, in their best interest. There is one main…

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