12 Reasons Your Building Materials Sales Messages Are Ineffective

A building materials sales message is how you describe your product and the reasons you believe it is the better choice. That message should be used in sales calls, trade…

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How to Gain More Interest in Your Building Product

Most building materials companies focus on telling customers why their products are better.  That works, but only if the customer is already looking to switch to a new product. Most…

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The 3 Least Effective Words in Building Material Sales

“Make More Money.” These are the three least effective words in building material sales and marketing. They’re also the three words your salespeople and marketers probably repeatedly give to customers…

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5 Ways Building Material Sales Messages Fail

Getting your messaging right is critical. The text on your trade show booth, the headline that shows up on the homepage of your webpage, your sales presentation – your messaging…

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Want Me to Buy Your Building Product? Show Me How You Make It.

Most building materials companies start their sales and marketing with things like the color, style, performance level, and price of their product. Then they work backwards to trying to explain…

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How Context Matters in Building Materials Sales and Marketing

I bet this has happened to you before. You walk into your kitchen, and your child or your spouse starts talking to you, only you’re not really sure what they’re…

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