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How to Gain More Interest in Your Building Product

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How to Gain More Interest in Your Building Product

Most building materials companies focus on telling customers why their products are better.  That works, but only if the customer is already looking to switch to a new product.

Most of the time, you will be pursuing customers who are perfectly happy with the product they’re already using. Even if they acknowledge that yours is better, that probably isn’t enough to get them to change. 

Customers are overworked and understaffed, the time commitment it takes to switch to your product almost always outweighs the benefits of your superior product. 

Most building products are only five to fifteen percent better than the alternative. Unless they’re ten times better, most customers won’t be motivated to adopt it. 

How to Increase Interest in Your Product

Thankfully, there’s a better way to get your customer’s attention. 

Instead of talking to them about the benefits of your products, try emphasizing the downsides of not using it.

It’s a fact of human psychology: people are more motivated to avoid making a mistake than they are to making an improvement. They’re more likely to respond to the risk of losing money than they are to the promise of making more. 

When promoting your product’s benefits doesn’t work, highlight the risks they could face with your type of product.

Here Are Some Examples:

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When you’re trying to get a new customer’s attention, don’t tell them how working with you will benefit them. If you really want to motivate them to change, show them the risks of staying with their current product.

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