5 Strategies to Help Distributors Sell Your Products Online

More building materials distributors are selling products online. Those with local branches offer e-commerce as a convenience for local customers. Others, like Decks Direct, are totally online with no brick…

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Selling Your Customers’ Customers in Building Materials

  This article is based on a podcast I recorded with Kevin Dean from the building materials agency Manobyte. If you feel like the magic is gone from building materials sales, you’re not alone. That…

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6 Ways Building Materials Companies Are Disconnected From Their Customers

A building materials distributor who regularly reads my work and attends my workshops shared some interesting thoughts with me. He said it was his way of returning the favor for…

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BlueLinx is Smart

Distributors like Ferguson and ABC continue to become marketing powerhouses in their categories.  In many cases, they are doing a better job than the manufacturer.  The result is that they…

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How to Win at Distributors Order Desks

I frequently visit distributors while riding along with my client’s sales reps. I recently spent a week calling on several distributors a day and I saw the same missed opportunity…

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How to Sell Distributors

It’s time to change how you think about building material distributors. Distributors are more than just order takers. They are an asset, not an expense and can even become champions…

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