Building Materials Is Speeding Up – But Sales and Marketing Aren’t Keeping Pace

Historically, the pace of change in building materials has been slow. Very slow. Over the last twenty years, however, the industry has started speeding up. Each year, it gets even…

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Building Materials Companies Have Some Holes in Their Sales Funnels

Many building materials companies have made large investments in digital marketing to grow their businesses. An important part of these digital strategies is understanding the buyer’s journey and translating it…

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Building Materials Companies Should Stop Playing Defense With Reviews

Reviews are very important to building materials companies and their builder, contractor and dealer customers. But most of these companies don’t know how to get the most out of them….

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Why Don’t Building Materials Companies Present Their Real Selves?

It happened again last week. I worked with a company that did a lot of great things but weren’t doing enough to communicate it. They hired me to help them…

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What Can Building Materials Companies Learn From Matt Risinger?

Matt Risinger has over 750,000 builder and contractor followers on YouTube, In this article, I cover how he does it and what you can learn from him to improve your…

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12 Reasons Your Building Materials Sales Messages Are Ineffective

A building materials sales message is how you describe your product and the reasons you believe it is the better choice. That message should be used in sales calls, trade…

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