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Patience in Building Materials Sales

Calls to action are one of the most effective ways to grow your sales. The most effective calls to action entice your prospective customer by offering some information that is…

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Building Materials and NASCAR

Procore sponsors a car in NASCAR while Lowe’s is ending their NASCAR sponsorship. Another sign of the big changes in building materials that are happening today.   A big box with the dollars to afford…

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Have to Have Building Products

Whether your building product is for commercial or residential use, your goal should be to make your product indispensable. Customers should see it as a“Have to Have” instead of just a “Nice…

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SMART- LP SmartSide

LP has done something SMART.  They improved their marketing message.  The ad below is how they were promoting SmartSide just a few years ago.  There’s nothing here that would make…

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Every year companies make investments in their facilities, software for sales and operations, machinery, equipment and many other areas. They also invest in education and training. Engineers, plant managers, HR…

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Building Materials Ad Agency Account Managers

I grew up around the advertising business.  My father was either the advertising manager of a company, like Cooper Tires or he had his own successful agency. While I had…

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