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Time to Bring Your Ad Agency In-House: 7 Reasons You Should

The Ad Agency Model Is Crumbling Traditionally, if you needed help with marketing or some new ideas, you’d hire an ad agency. They had the resources, the talent and the…

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How Context Matters in Building Materials Sales and Marketing

I bet this has happened to you before. You walk into your kitchen, and your child or your spouse starts talking to you, only you’re not really sure what they’re…

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3 Common Assumption Building Material Companies Make (That I Recently Made Too)

I give companies a lot of advice about getting the best way to get their message across. I’m always going on about driving the point home and hooking the customer…

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Are You Playing the Wrong Game in Building Materials?

Sometimes, I feel like my message isn’t getting across. I talk a lot about the ways the industry and building materials customers are changing. But instead of adapting, many companies…

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Patience in Building Materials Sales

Calls to action are one of the most effective ways to grow your sales. The most effective calls to action entice your prospective customer by offering some information that is…

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Building Materials and NASCAR

Procore sponsors a car in NASCAR while Lowe’s is ending their NASCAR sponsorship. Another sign of the big changes in building materials that are happening today.   A big box with the dollars to afford…

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