Are Building Materials Companies Losing Their Sales Skills?

Many building materials companies are letting their sales skills decline. As the demand for building products has begun to exceed many companies’ capacities, they have turned to managing their current…

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The Problem with Product Knowledge in Building Materials

Knowledge is a good thing. The challenge is knowing what types of knowledge have the most value. That’s the problem with product knowledge. Building materials sales and marketing people often…

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What We Learned at The Whizard Summit

Even though I organize it, the Whizard Summit is not a one man show. I share a lot of information, but I also learn a lot from my expert speakers…

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SMART – Gripset Training

Gripset is a manufacturer of waterproofing materials in Australia.  As a way to set themselves apart, they have introduced an accredited practitioner program.   I think we call this a certified installer…

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How to Train Building Materials Sales People

6 Important Steps in New Employee Training (You’re Probably Skipping Most of Them) Training sets a bedrock for an employee’s performance. But many building material companies treat training as a…

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Are Your Sales People This Bad?

The performance of building materials salespeople continues to decline. It’s getting so bad that your contractor, builder and architect customers are now reaching out to me to share their horror…

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