Value Engineering in Construction

In commercial construction, the term “value engineering” is just a fancy way of saying “cost-cutting.” But no matter what you call it, it might mean you’re losing a sale. Architects,…

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How Design-Build is Displacing Architectural Specs

The rapid growth of Design-Build is an opportunity that most building materials manufacturers are missing. They are ignoring 50% of the commercial construction market by focusing solely on the traditional…

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What Design Build Contractors Want From Building Materials Manufacturers

In the sale of commercial building materials, you want every advantage you can get. Below are five tips to help you take advantage of what design-build contractors want from building materials…

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‘Or Equal’ Architectural Specification for Building Materials

A lot of industry time and money has been wasted on interpreting the ‘or equal’ clause. Imagine dealing with several manufacturers trying to prove that their product “meets or exceeds…

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5 Trends in Building Materials Marketing for 2014

It’s that time of year for me to get out my crystal ball and share what I think will be the big trends for building materials marketing in 2014.  Trends…

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How to Play the Design Build Game and WIN.

Design Build is rapidly overtaking the traditional architectural specification model. Most building material manufacturers don’t know how to gain sales from Design Build. They are happy when an unexpected order…

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