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How to Sell a Lot of Faucets

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How to Sell a Lot of Faucets

This article from the New York Times is going to sell a lot of faucets.  It’s going to inspire people to consider a faucet when they hadn’t been thinking about one. It’s going to send them online and into dealers and big boxes.

Just like the internet is all about quality content, good editorial is the same. Many building product companies continue to provide bad editorial content by trying to promote their product or brand. They lose site of the bigger picture because they focus on beating the competition instead of growing the category.

Good PR brings the editor an idea that has value to their readers and not just to the product manufacturer.  Unless you have a truly unique game changing product, it’s better to pitch the editor on the category such as the world of faucets versus the usual, Buy My Faucet.

I am not a PR expert, I am a building product marketing expert who sees some smart uses of PR and some stupid ones. In this case, I think Danze and the others have made a smart use of PR.

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