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Breakthrough Building Materials Sales Workshop – Uncover Your Sales Blind Spots

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Breakthrough Building Materials Sales Workshop – Uncover Your Sales Blind Spots

Finally…A Proven Solution To Frustrating Building Materials Manufacturer’s Sales Roadblocks

✔ Feel like you’re doing good but could do better?

✔ Wondering if you’re focusing your efforts in the best places?

✔ Tired of watching your ad agency fire blanks –at your expense?

If you’re ready to learn how to OUT-THINK your competitors instead of trying to outspend them, read on…

No one knows better than you how frustrating it is to have a challenging sales problem you just can’t seem to solve.

Especially in the fast-paced, dog-eat-dog industry of building materials.

While you’re racking your brain trying to think of a solution, it’s almost as if your competitors can smell blood.

Some days, you can almost FEEL them gaining valuable marketshare – at your expense.

Well, maybe it’s time to consider a new approach?

More about that in a minute.

As you are forced to do more with less, it’s more important than ever to make sure every marketing dollar you spend earns its keep.

But, don’t expect the industry to help…

There’s not a single magazine, conference or association in the building materials world to help you, the manufacturer, stay current with the knowledge and strategies you need to sell today’s demanding customer.

Hi, I’m Mark Mitchell

And I’ve been helping building materials companies just like yours solve stubborn sales and marketing problems since 1992.

I’m no magician. But I do have a unique ability to identify the hidden barriers that prevent business owners and executives from “seeing” their way past some common – but hard to solve – sales problems.

Frankly, I’m tired of watching people in the building materials industry struggle to effectively communicate with customers – often with unsatisfactory or poor results.

That’s why I created my

“Selling Today’s Building Materials Customer”

a one-day event that’s jammed with everything you need to break through the sales obstacles that are keeping you from where you want to be.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

* How to tap into “hidden” selling information you can use for an immediate competitive advantage (it’s just waiting for you!)

* Find out what builders REALLY want along with 3 simple ways to make sure you give it to them.

* The #1 reason architects keep ignoring you – and a simple shift you can make to get specified.

* The fastest way to multiply your sales force –without spending a dime!

* The biggest challenge facing most contractors and a proven strategy that will make them WANT to do business with you!

* The secret to selling Commercial Building Facilities Managers and Design Build Contractors – an often-missed step that stops the sales process dead in its tracks.

* A growth blueprint you can share with lumber and speciality dealers that will make you a welcome visitor any time.

* How to take the intimidation out of “Big Box” selling and finally get your products and services the respect they deserve.

* How to prove –once and for all – to even the most cynical C-level executive that marketing works so you can get the resources you want (and need) to reach your objectives.

* How to make your ad agency and creative suppliers EARN their keep by delivering results you can measure.

* Why you should immediately replace some trade shows and print advertising with an online content program – and how to do it.

…and lots more!

I can bring the workshop to your entire sales and marketing team in the location of your choice.

This is perfect for sales meetings or an in-house session to challenge the assumptions of your team and grow your sales.

I share my insights on commercial and residential as well as new construction and repair/remodel markets. We’ll talk about sales strategies, working with agencies and getting results. There will be plenty of opportunities for feedback and questions and the opportunity to gain industry insight.

Mark Mitchell

This isn’t a death-by-PowerPoint extravaganza.

In fact, if you’re just looking for a day off or a passive way to spend your professional development budget, this workshop is not for you.

But if you’re looking for powerful takeaways, tools and strategies that we can personalize for your company’s needs so you can get growing, it’s EXACTLY what you want then what are you waiting for?

Here’s a brief video of comments from workshop participants.

Contact me for more details.

I look forward to helping your team deliver more sales by out-thinking, rather than outspending, your competition.

Mark Mitchell

P.S. BONUS OFFER: Book your workshop and 12 members of your team in attendance will receive a free copy of my new hard cover book, “Building Material Channel Marketing.” Whiz-Book-Cover1

“With this book, Mark Mitchell has done for channel marketing what Seiko Co. did for personal timekeeping in 1969; made it simple,accurate, reliable and most of all, accessible.” David Roseberry, Director of Strategic Marketing Owens Corning  

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About The Author

I am the leading sales growth consultant in the building materials industry, I identify the blind spots that enable building materials companies to grow their sales and retain more customers.  As I am not an ad agency, my recommendations are focused on your sales growth and not my future income.

My mission is to help building materials companies be the preferred supplier of their customers and to turn those customers into their best salespeople. Contact me to discuss your situation.