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Bring The Building Material Sales and Marketing Workshop to Your Team

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Bring The Building Material Sales and Marketing Workshop to Your Team

It has always struck me as odd that there’s not an event, conference or association in the building materials world that will challenge your thinking and give you fresh insights about marketing building materials.

That’s why I’ve created The Building Materials Sales and Marketing Workshop. Our industry is different. Quirky. Sometimes it’s a tough nut to crack.

What’s more, you need to keep your team sharp. I will disrupt their thinking about your customers and how to spend your marketing dollars.

Let me bring The Building Materials Sales & Marketing Workshop to you.

I can bring the workshop to your entire sales and marketing team in the location of your choice. This is perfect for sales meetings or an in-house session to challenge the assumptions of your team and grow your sales.

I share my insights on commercial and residential as well as new construction and repair/remodel markets. We’ll talk about sales strategies, working with agencies and getting results. There will be plenty of opportunities for feedback and questions and the opportunity to gain industry insight.

This isn’t a death-by-PowerPoint extravaganza, but you will gain powerful takeaways, tools and strategies that we can personalize for your company’s needs.

We won’t be boring you with facts and figures that are easily available from other sources. We will be teaching you how to identify who the key decision maker is in each channel and how to convert them. It’s less talking AT you and more working WITH you.

I can customize the message, engage your teams and help them better understand how they can more effectively sell your building material products.

I can tailor the workshop to the subjects and length that you would like. And I do it in a fun, upbeat and motivating way.

Here is a typical agenda for a full day event:

Builders. Learn what builders think of you, what they really want and the 3 different doors you can use to enter a builder.

Contractors. Learn contractor’s biggest challenge and the 3 things you have to keep in mind to successfully sell a contactor.

Distributors. Find out how to turn distributors into salesmen for your products.

Dealers. Lumber and specialty dealers, like those in kitchen and bath, have unique needs. Discover how to help them grow and sell more of your products.

Big Boxes. Learn how to grow your sales in a big box environment and stop being bullied.

Architects. Learn how to identify the right architect for your product and get them to stop cutting and pasting specs for what they always use. You deserve to get specified—discover what’s holding you back.

Commercial Building Facilities Managers and Design Build Contractors. This is an important that is usually best reached through a middleman.  Learn who this is and how to sell them first.

Green. Learn how to set yourself apart from your competitors green claims and become recognized as being truly green.

Measuring the Results of Marketing. Stop hiding behind meaningless phrases like “we’re doing it for the brand” which are (conveniently) not quantifiable. Uncover the tools that will help you prove that marketing has real benefits and deliver the facts in a way your C-levels will love.

More Effective Sales and Marketing. Learn how to get the most out of your ad agency and creative suppliers, how to use social media and why you should stop doing trade shows and print advertising.

Here’s a brief video of comments from workshop participants

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