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The Course in Building Materials Sales & Marketing

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The Course in Building Materials Sales & Marketing

You Missed the Course.  

Now you can bring the course to your office or sales meeting. Details here.

There’s not an event, conference or association in the building materials world that will teach what you need to know about marketing building materials — until now.

You want to be better. Grow your business. Matter to the channel customers that dictate your success. To do this, marketing and strategy is the key.

Media companies will sell you ads, trade show space, market information and more.

Agencies will bring you drop dead creativity that is frequently off target.

These companies won’t teach you how to sell the customer; they will just sell you stuff that may or may not work.

Our industry is different. Quirky. Sometimes it’s a tough nut to crack.

You shouldn’t have to rely on generic sales and marketing insights designed for any old industry.

There’s not a single magazine, conference or association in the building materials world that will teach you what you need to know about marketing building materials.

That’s why I’ve created The Course in Building Materials Sales and Marketing. We will cover commercial and residential as well as new construction and repair/remodel markets. We’ll talk about sales strategies, working with agencies and getting results. There will be something for everyone, with plenty of opportunities for feedback and questions and the opportunity to gain industry insight.

This isn’t a death-by-PowerPoint extravaganza, but you will gain powerful takeaways, tools and strategies that you can personalize for your company’s needs.

We won’t be boring you with facts and figures that are easily available from other sources. We will be teaching you how to identify who the key decision maker is in each channel and how to convert them. It’s less talking AT you and more working WITH you.

All of this will take place in Boulder, Colorado on Thursday, November 13th, from 9am to 5pm.

Who Should Attend?

You should attend this event if:

You feel your product deserves to be in places you can’t seem to crack.

The jobs you want to be spec’d for are eluding you.

Your sales and marketing teams are more oil-and-water than coffee-with-cream.

You want to learn ways to outthink, rather than outspend, your competition.

You’re ready to drill down into what it takes to bring your business, product lines and relationships to the places you crave.

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I am the leading sales growth consultant in the building materials industry, I identify the blind spots that enable building materials companies to grow their sales and retain more customers.  As I am not an ad agency, my recommendations are focused on your sales growth and not my future income.

My mission is to help building materials companies be the preferred supplier of their customers and to turn those customers into their best salespeople. Contact me to discuss your situation.