Quit Pretending to be Green

Most building materials companies are only as environmentally-friendly, or ‘green,’ as they need to be. Demand for a green product or a perceived competitive advantage may cause them to alter…

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The Good and Bad of Greenbuild

I attended Greenbuild last week in New Orleans and I saw a number of improvements from last year. I also saw a number of ongoing issues that could help the…

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Downside of Green Building Products

As Environmental Messages Have Lost Appeal Building Materials Should Focus on Other Strengths A few years ago, every building material, like every other product, was attempting to make green products,…

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Time to Rebrand Global Warming?

I recently started another blog, on the website Medium, to write about marketing in general and not specifically about building materials.  My first post was about how the proponents of…

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The Language of Green

I recently wrote an article on the need to be multi-lingual when speaking to the different building material customers.  The language of an architect is different than the language of…

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What Green Building Can Learn From The Food We Eat

The green building industry is focusing more and more on eliminating product ingredients and manufacturing processes that are potentially harmful. In my experience, however, many green supporters spend most of…

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