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Green Building Materials Product Strategy

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Green Building Materials Product Strategy

As the interest in green building materials continues to rise in the construction of commercial and residential structures, more companies are getting on board. They are finding out that the competitive nature of this industry is about as formidable as any other competitive product. It’s why you need a smart green building material product strategy that helps market you in a way that differentiates you while proving that you are actually green..

Much of this comes down to alleviating skepticism from very informed green buyers, about your product claims. They will also have questions about your business practices, ingredients, and manufacturing processes. They want to see evidence that you are really committed to the environment.

Marketing the Ingredients in Your Materials

One key to standing out in the manufacture of your green building materials is showing what kind of ingredients you use in your products. Buyers and specifiers of green products want to know what is in your products. If your product saves energy but is made with a harmful chemical, it will be less attractive to the green buyer.

There are many ways to prove how green your products are and your companies commitments to green.

Green Building Materials Product Strategy

If you want to show how green you are while making your sales people happy, you could always get them a Tesla as their company car:)

Seriously green is growing and is here to stay. I am still amazed at how many building materials companies don’t have a credible green story. Just look at their websites.

Click here for more about being green. Contact me if you’d like to discuss how you can get started on pursuing the green market.

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