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Security is the New Green in Building Materials

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Security is the New Green in Building Materials

As Green building becomes more mainstream, the new Green may be Home Security. For building materials companies, the growing interest in security can be a significant opportunity. With constant media reminders of the dangers we all face, the desire to create more secure homes is only growing.

Homeowners are concerned about criminal acts like burglaries and home invasions as well as natural disasters like fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and even wild animals. This creates opportunities for a wide range of building products.

Safe Rooms and Panic Rooms

To show you how far this can go, statistics show features like safe rooms are becoming more in demand. These rooms aren’t just ordinary either. The designing of them involves complex details that can mean increased demand for certain building materials.

Even FEMA talks about how important safe rooms are now in residential homes. They also remind that building a safe room isn’t always about preventing home invasions. Natural disaster protection is equally vital in today’s world where anything can happen.

As unstable weather continues to increase, safe room demand will increase, including homeowners wanting customized features. In the above report about safe rooms, it shows some people prefer sticking to just safe doors when having to work on a budget.

Can Your Product Make a Home Stronger, Safer, Fire Resistant or Water Tight?

The desire for more personal home security extends beyond just a safe room. If you have a product that can make a home stronger, safer, more fire resistant or water and air tight you need to tell builders and architects.

NanaWall Bearicade

As homes are being built closer to nature, NanaWall has introduced the BEARricade™. folding glass wall to appeal to homeowners who live near bears.

If you want to take advantage of the growing interest in safety, you need to look at the opportunities regionally when considering natural disasters. People in Oklahoma are concerned about tornadoes, in Colorado, it’s wildfires, wild animals and flash floods.  In California, there are earthquakes and hurricanes on the East Coast.

Maybe concrete homes will finally begin to displace wood frame construction. Fire proof fiber cement decking may replace wood and composites.  Homeowners may be willing to pay more for better waterproofing systems.  There is growing interest in security for every exterior product.  The Green market started small and many manufacturers reacted too slowly.  Door, lock and window companies are recognizing the growing interest in security, but there are also opportunities for many other types of products,

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