Trade Shows

Power of Local Building Materials Shows

Whenever I am reviewing a building material company’s marketing budget, I frequently see a long list of smaller local and regional trade shows. I always ask, “Why do you spend…

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How to Improve AIA and Greenbuild Shows

A major problem for the AIA and Greenbuild shows is a lack of traffic in the booths of the exhibitors.  There are plenty of attendees that the exhibitors would like…

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Is Greenbuild Over for Manufacturers?

Trade shows are a big expense for building materials companies, and shows that don’t deliver results will lose the support of exhibitors. Greenbuild, like the AIA show, is one of those shows…

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Forget About Those AIA Show Leads

You probably think that following up on your leads from the AIA Show is the most important next step.  You are wrong. The most important next step is a serious…

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How to Succeed at AIA

The cost to attend and exhibit at the AIA show are a large expense for building materials manufacturers.  The AIA Show can also be one of the most frustrating shows…

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Best and Worst Exhibits at IBS

The most frequent problem I saw with exhibits at the builders show was a failure to connect the dots for the builder.  The builder is a very busy person.  He…

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