Changing Households = Missed Opportunities

Most residential building material manufacturers view sales of their products in terms of the structure, the geographic location or the price of the house.  In other words, they think about…

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Not Enough Labor for Homebuilding

The homebuilding industry is being slowed by a shortage of labor. Builders report they can sell more homes than they can build. The labor shortages are affecting builders as well…

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Renters: Another Home Improvement Opportunity

The home improvement industry tends to look at homeowners as their target market. However, as the US housing market evolves, there is a new and growing market for the home…

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5 Trends in Building Materials Marketing for 2014

It’s that time of year for me to get out my crystal ball and share what I think will be the big trends for building materials marketing in 2014.  Trends…

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Your New Customer, the Residential Facilities Manager

Investment firms continue to buy thousands of single-family homes that they intend to fix up, maintain and rent.  These are not once and done house flippers.  They see rental housing…

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How to Sell Builders

Residential home builders are an important customer for many building material manufacturers.  As the majority of builders do not buy directly from manufacturers, they require a specific marketing and sales…

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