Time to Sell to the Multifamily Market

Building materials companies have a bad habit of all chasing the same opportunities. They focus their efforts on the largest builders, big boxes, distributors, commercial projects and others. The result…

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Multifamily Construction a Two-headed Growth Opportunity

Multifamily construction is a big market that continues to grow.  Most building materials manufacturers aren’t aggressively pursuing multifamily and don’t know how. Manufacturers believe if a multifamily project uses their…

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It’s the project not the product stupid

Most building material companies are way too narcissistic. They are so focused on their products that they lose site of the big picture, which is the project.  They are only…

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How to Switch a Homebuilder to Your Product

A phrase I too often here is, “All the builder cares about is price”.  If you are a building material supplier and can’t get past price you’re really just an…

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Should Lowe’s and Home Depot Make a U-Turn?

This article in the Wall Street Journal by humorist, Dave Barry helped me see a new opportunity for big boxes.  The opportunity is to circle back to the DIY market. …

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When will concrete homes be taken seriously?

I have always wondered why concrete homes have never become more popular.  They haven’t been able to grow beyond a few regions or a few builders and architects who aren’t…

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