A Better Way to Sell Home Builders

Most building product manufacturers and suppliers focus on meeting the needs of the builder’s purchasing department.  If they stop there, they are missing an opportunity to gain more builder sales,…

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Big Changes in Housing

The housing industry is changing everyday while building product companies seem stuck in the past.  Rather than being out in front of these changes they are focused on the status…

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Are You Really a Green Building Material Company?

An influencer of growing importance is what we used to call, The Tree Hugger.  There are now Green architects, engineers, builders, contractors, code officials, emerging competitors, media and consumers who…

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How to Sell Builder Puchasing Departments

If you want to grow your sales to homebuilders, knowing how to work with their purchasing department is critical.  I surveyed the purchasing leaders of 30 builders to find out…

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Be Committed to Selling Builders?

Why do builders feel like building product manufacturers really don’t care about their business?  Too many building product manufacturers come off like used car salesmen to builders.  Or the builder…

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7 Ways to Upgrade Home Builders

Getting a home builder to upgrade can be very challenging.  They have to be competitive within their price range with a set of standard features, such as granite counter tops. …

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