Has Katerra Been Hijacked by Wood?

This is a great article from Katerra, about the benefits of mass timber and panelized construction.  Right now, mass timber is probably the best solution for Katerra to provide the best benefits…

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The Most Important Exhibit at IBS

Did you catch the most important booth at IBS this year? I bet not. Chances are you walked right by it and didn’t notice it. The most important audience for…

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The Future of Building Materials

Watch This Video to See the Future of Building Materials I shared this video on social media and received this comment. “I had chills watching this video.”  Monica Prichard Building Materials Sales and Marketing Executive. The future of…

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We’re Not Ready for Smart Homes

The capability developing in the world of technology has been dazzling. Soon, everything electronic in our lives will, in theory, be addressable by its own internet (IP) address. Our homes,…

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Nerds Coming To Building Materials

I have noticed a strange phenomenon over the last few months.  I have been getting calls from people using terms like: “Next Round of Investment” and “Angel Investors.”  Two other words…

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