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SMART – Polyiso Association PIMA

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SMART – Polyiso Association PIMA

Too many building materials manufacturers spend all of their sales and marketing efforts competing with each other trying to grab a bigger slice of a pie that isn’t getting any bigger.  In some cases, the pie or the number of customers who use your type of customer may even be getting smaller.  That’s why I think PIMA, the Polyiso Association is doing something SMART with this email campaign.

Polyiso Email Campaign

The eight members of this association are investing some money in helping to grow the use of Polyiso overall.  This will help convince more people to keep using Polyiso or to switch to Polyiso.  The members still compete with each other but they now will have more business to compete for.  Very SMART.

Without a marketing effort, like this, I don’t see the value of most building materials associations.

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