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GENFLEX Understands Email

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GENFLEX Understands Email

Too many building materials manufacturers still don’t understand how to communicate with their customers. Email is an area where building materials manufacturers frequently blow it.

The subject line and headline are critical to getting a super busy customer to take a moment and read an email.

The most common mistake is the assumption that, “We’re important! Anything that comes from us will be read.”

The second mistake is the writer’s measure of success. Too frequently the measure of success is, “The email was sent out.”  It is not based on the open or click through rates or comments. I also chalk this up to laziness on the part of the writer.  It’s marketing 101, write about benefits not about features. Describing features like, “You can install it at lower temperatures,” is easy and just plain lazy.  It takes a little more time to find the benefit by both understanding the product feature and what it means to the customer.

The email shown above from GENFLEX gets it right. In the commodity market of single ply roofing, they have taken a feature and done a great job of communicating the benefit to the contractor.  It’s too bad so many building materials manufacturers don’t get it right.

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