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How to Grow Home Improvement Sales

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How to Grow Home Improvement Sales

The replacement window business is very competitive. A lot of competitors with a wide range of prices and quality and an uninformed consumer all add up to a real battle for the sale.

Andersen has a done a great job of differentiating their brand and setting the local dealer up for success with this ad campaign. Customizing the ad with a map showing all the local homes that have chosen Andersen along with showing the total number of buyers is very effective.

Most manufacturers of home improvement products may provide their local dealers with boilerplate ads and promotional materials. An ad for Nashville is the same as an ad for Seattle. Most of these are not very effective. They are certainly not as effective as this effort by Andersen.

If you are a manufacturer of home improvement products and you aren’t providing your local dealers with great local support, you are losing the game.

Your local dealers or contractors are losing ground to big boxes and large multi-location dealers who are very sophisticated marketers.

If you want to grow your sales through your local dealers, take a lesson from this campaign by Andersen. Get out and talk to your dealers. See how you can customize or tailor the programs for them.

What is the biggest challenge to your sales growth?

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