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How to Switch a Homebuilder to Your Product

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How to Switch a Homebuilder to Your Product

A phrase I too often here is, “All the builder cares about is price”.  If you are a building material supplier and can’t get past price you’re really just an order taker and not a salesperson.

A Builder Cares About a Lot More Than Price.

He cares about:

Being more successful.

Reducing risk.

How to save labor.

Completing the home sooner

Reducing callbacks

Differentiating himself

Improved customer satisfaction

Many of the builders who only thought about price, didn’t survive the downturn.  The builders who did survive are smarter and know that price is only part of the equation.

Don’t think of them as simply a builder when you call on them.  Think of them as a sophisticated businessperson who will need to see you’re A Game if you hope to be taken seriously.

The single greatest piece of advice is to be prepared.  You need to not only know your product and homebuilding; you need to know why this builder is unique.  If you are prepared your chances of success go way up simply because most building material sales people are not prepared.  A little planning sets you apart.

Here is a great article from one of my favorite builder guru’s, Chuck Shinn of Builder Partnership on how to switch a builder to your product.

Stop Bitching About Price And Get Smart In Your Approach to Builders.

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