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How to Sell More Home Improvement Products

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How to Sell More Home Improvement Products

If you want to sell more home improvement products, you have to get in front of more prospects.  I frequently see larger home improvement contractors such as Sears with a display at events where there are thousands of prospects walking by.  I also see larger contractors with displays in shopping malls.

These larger contractors have their own marketing departments who can develop effective, professional looking displays.  I also see some smaller independent contractors try to do it on their own.  They pay for the space and the manpower to be at the event.

What they are lacking is a professional looking display or even a banner. They are trying to sell your products without any help from you.

Here are two simple ways to sell more of your home improvement products without adding very much cost.

1. Develop some display elements for use by contractors.  It can be a pop up display that you lend to them or some simple banners or posters that they can use to create their own display.  Your marketing department is much better equipped to design these elements with the right messaging to get the contractor better results.

2. If you want to take it to the next level, make it a program.  Encourage them to display at events.  Give them some tips on how to select the best events as well as some how to advice.  You don’t have offer co-op funds; the contractor will pay for this himself.  Many of them want to spend money on marketing, they just don’t know how.

Building product companies have to get more results with fewer dollars.  It just makes sense to make it very easy for their contractor customers to spend their own money selling your products.

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Jack Yurich
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Kyle Tomasello
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