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SMART – Stanley Access Technologies at Greenbuild

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SMART – Stanley Access Technologies at Greenbuild

With the Greenbuild Show coming up next month, I wanted to share this with you.  Many companies exhibit at Greenbuild and say they are Green, but then they do things like have an RV in their booth.  They will also hand out printed literature, 65% of which will end up in a hotel room trash can.  Both of these tell the attendees at the Greenbuild show that they really aren’t Green.

Stanley Access Technologies showed the right way to show you are Green.   Their Greenbuild booth was made of recyclable cardboard.  What a statement!

Constructing a  trade show booth out of traditional materials is not very Green.  Heavy components that have to be crated and shipped in a semi-truck are not very Green.  And then they have to be shipped back to a warehouse and may never be used again.

With Stanley’s approach, there was no waste or environmental unfriendly materials.  No need to waste wood by building crates.  No semi trucks burning fuel and no return trip.

When the Greenbuild show was over, Stanley simply put their booth in a recycling bin.  And I’m sure that Stanley saved a lot of money that normally would have gone to an exhibit company.

A booth out of recyclable cardboard is not right for every show, but it sure was right for the Greenbuild show.

I also like the fact that Stanley right-sized their booth.   Too many companies get a bigger booth space then they really need, especially at national shows.

I’m not a big believer in trade shows for most building materials companies because they get such a poor return on their investment.

The big lesson here is to stop and think about the audience at each type of tradeshow.   Too many companies use a “one  message fits all” booth that they feel will work at any show.

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