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The Most Common In-store Signage Mistake in Building Products

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The Most Common In-store Signage Mistake in Building Products

Too many building material companies squander great opportunities at retail.

In-store signage and display space is very hard to get and is therefore very valuable. Despite this, most companies do a poor job of using that space to grow sales.  They can’t resist the temptation to promote their brand over their product’s benefits. The behavior I’m referring to here is the  incorrect use of a company’s logo.

Because companies, like people, have egos, they often make the mistake of assuming that the consumer already knows who they are and what they do.  They other reason companies make this mistake is that they are in a hurry and don’t stop to think about the message.

If you are the only brand of your product in a store, then the main message you should be promoting is why a homeowner needs your product. The company name should be secondary on your list of importance.

Larson Door Display

Here is a display for Larson Screen Doors that demonstrates this mistake. The display is located right inside the entrance of this store. Everyone who walks in or out of the store walks by the Larson display. While I question why the dealer would put a screen door display in this valuable location, I think Larson has scored a big win for location and a big loss for the message.

Rather than boasting the company name, the sign on top of the display should say something like,

“A new screen door saves energy, improves security and the appearance of your home.”

If you are in a competitive situation, like entry doors, where the dealer may carry three or more brands, you have two messaging approaches to choose from; the approach you choose to employ depends upon your market share.

1. If you are the market share leader,

your signage should promote the idea of replacing your entry door. Don’t worry about the other guy getting a sale. You have more to gain by growing the category for yourself and for the retailer.

2. If you are not the market share leader,

your signage should tell why your brand is better than the others.

So promoting your brands and  start touching the customer with messages that will drive sales.

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“Mark this is so true! Make it about the customer and an experience. Innovate! If you make your displays look and act like everyone else you are losing out on lots of customer.”
John Coyle
Signum Inc.

“Love your inappropriate way of telling this!!! SO TRUE!”
John Coyle
Signum Inc

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