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How to Make IBS Your Investment Payoff

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How to Make IBS Your Investment Payoff

If you exhibited at the builder’s show in Las Vegas,  you just spent a bunch of money on the exhibit, travel, and entertainment.  Most companies do not take a few extra steps to maximize the return on their investment.

Here Are The 4 Steps to Maximize The Return On Your Investment In IBS

1. Leads – stop  thinking of trade show leads as Sales Leads and think of them as Marketing Inquiries that need to be nurtured before they become a sales lead.  I got the term, Marketing Inquiries from my friend, Laila Waggoner at Owens Corning.

If you are already using a Marketing Automation program, you understand this.  If not, then do not just forward the leads to the sales team.  Have marketing begin a series of contacts by email, direct mail or phone.  These follow-up contacts should not be a hard sell but trying to start a dialogue with the prospect.  Be patient as it frequently can take a number of contacts and a few months before they are ready for a sales call.

2. Do What You Say – builders tell me that one of the most frustrating experiences they have from the builder’s show is a lack of follow-up.  They will ask for information to be sent to them or for a rep to contact them and nothing happens.  Not only are you missing a sale but this reflects poorly on the reliability of your company.

3. Research – While it is fresh in their mind, everyone who attended the show should share their observations.  If they worked the booth, what type of builders stopped by?  What questions did they ask?  What were they interested in?  For anyone who walked the show, what did they see?  What was the message of the competition?  What were they showing? Use this information to improve your marketing and sales efforts.

4. What Can You Do Better Improve Next Year? – What suggestions does everyone have about how to make your exhibit and overall show efforts more effective.

If you do these things now, you will increase the return on your investment in the show.

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